Rumble by the River 2015

Image ℅ Garage Games

Image ℅ Garage Games

The Rumble by the River is a CrossFit competition put on by one of our local affiliates, CrossFit Inception, in association with the Garage Games

Registration is going on right now, with prices going up on 1 August. They have divisions for Rx, Scaled, and Masters individuals, as well 2-person team divisions of: MM Rx, FF Rx, MM Scaled, FF Scaled, MM Masters, FF Masters. 

Even if you don't participate as an athlete, I highly encourage you to volunteer or just go as a spectator. If you've never been to a CrossFit competition in person, it is an awesome experience. We all know how supportive the CrossFit community is as a whole, and this attitude of camaraderie extends to competitions, as well. 

You can register to compete or volunteer here, and checkout their Facebook page for news and other info.

New Site is up

Most of what was on the old site made it over, but it’s obviously a work in progress. I still need to move photos and create a “Getting Started” section. 

Other new stuff coming soon: Beyond the Whiteboard integration, and details for the Open. Atlantic Regionals is in Atlanta this year, May 15-17. 

Finally, I’m always interested in help or suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact if there’s a way you think the affiliate might be able to do.

2013 CrossFit Games: Score Validation

Workout 13.1 for the CrossFit Games Open has been posted here.

I am available for workout validation. Options:

1. Go to CrossFit Sacrifice this Saturday. There is a fundraising WOD at 0900, showing support for finding a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Judging will begin after this WOD finishes. Even if you plan to do your Open workout on Saturday, I encourage you to come and cheer on those doing the SMA WOD. I'll be here to help with both the SMA WOD and to judge afterwards.


2. Email me to set up a time for Sunday at Audie Murphy Fitness Center on post. Earliest I'd be able to get there is 11:15am. Early afternoon times have already been suggested, so if you're interested, email me your availability and interest and we'll work from there.

You can still register for the Games here.